Issue with parametrization of a Meta Node using Quick Form nodes

I've just used a Quick Form node within a Meta Node for the first time. Basically, my workflow looks like described here. I then tried changing the value by opening the Meta Node configuration, ticking the "Change" checkbox and entering a new value. When hitting OK, the value seems to get saved, as the Meta Node is reset. However, when I re-open the configuration window, the value is back to default and when I execute the Meta Node, my custom configuration is not considered. (I've attached my workflow; I'm using KNIME 3.1 with all updates applied)

As I haven't used this functionality before, I'm not sure whether I'm doing something wrong or there is a general issue?


From what I understand, you need to use the legacy versions of the Quicknodes in Metanodes. Apparently, the new Quickform nodes are meant to work with wrapped Metanodes (aka subnodes). To wrap a metanode, just right click it and look for the wrap option.

-Brian Muchmore

Wow, thank you Brian! Works perfectly now. I can confirm:

  1. Using the "legacy" version of the Quick Form nodes solves the problem
  2. After "wrapping" the meta node, it works with the non-legacy Quick Form node.

To be honest, I don't really get, why the meta node has to be wrapped, for the Quick Form input to be accepted in scenario (2), but well ... it's been a long day :)

Thanks again and best regards,

Hi guys,

Sorry for the confusion - this can be considered a bug and will change this in 3.1.1. Wrapped metanodes only work with the new quickform nodes whereas plain metanodes only work with the legacy version. I was aware of the fact that the new QFs are shown in either dialog and never really liked that fact ... and this time I'm glad we can just remove it without replacement as these QFs aren't functional in this set-up anyway.

Wrapped metanodes are extensions of plain metanodes that offer additional functionality (like different execution statistics and better sharing possibilities). We changed the name in version 3 from subnode to wrapped metanode (The native speakers in our team clarified that 'sub' would indicate limited functionality. This isn't really the case hence we changed the name - once for all hopefully.)