Issue with Preferred Renderers


When we are trying to access to Preferred Renderers (Preferences > Knime > Preferred Renderers) with our client Knime 4.2.2, we get this error message:

And this one when we refresh it:

This version is used by a Knime Server. We have others Knime versions (4.2.4 and 3.5.1) client wihhtout this issue, and when we compared the preferences.eps file 4.2.2 versus 4.2.4 we can see that “@org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench.renderers.swt=0.14.1100.v20200217-1217” is missing in preference used by 4.2.2 (no changement if we try to add it to this preference).

Do you know why Preferred Renderers is not available in our client Knime 4.2.2?


Hi @Cyrille ,

The Preferred renderer should be working on KNIME Analytics Platform v4.2.2,

Could you please share the knime.log. View → Open KNIME Log?
Can you also try with a new workspace?


Hi Temesgen,

There is nothing in knime.log (only warning about /tmp/knime_tc_… cannot be accessed, and could not download profiles from http://127…) and there is no difference when we try a new workspace. The same issue appears with different computers.

But I saw that when I am clicking on Preferred renreder then I have this issue in Error Log :

Best regards,

Hi Cyrille,

Can you please export that error log and send an email with it to The screenshot below shows how to do that.


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