Issue: workspace unavailable

Hello everyone,
Whenever I try to open Knime desktop (V4.7.3) I get this error :

It’s saying that my current workspace is in use and cannot be accesed. This issue temporarily resolves when I restart the pc, but then reappears after I close the app and then try to open it again.

Why is this hapenning and what should I do?

Hi @jhormangj,

Could you try to check if there is another instance of KNIME AP is already running on your system when you get the error message? Or check your open apps in task manager before running KNIME. If another instance is running with the same workspace, you cannot use the same workspace to run a new instance.

Also, it would be helpful if you let us know which OS you are using.


Hello Sir,

Indeed, I have checked with task manager that no other instance of Knime is running. I have discovered that when I close the project before shutting down Knime, it no longer fails to reopen. Can’t remember the website in which I read that. So now, I will always close all the projects so I can reopen Knime without immediately loading any one of those.

I’m using Windows 10 Version 22H2.

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