Issues when executing selenium nodes by lots


I’m trying to execute a workflow by lots, but everytime I do this. It shows an error.
I have the selenium free trial for 1 month. I don’t know if this is affecting.

Thank you

Hi Jalvear,

not really sure what “by lots” means, but it seems that you want to run your workflow on the command line through the batch execution, correct?

For this, you will need to specify the path to the preferences which store the license key (the same which you entered in the GUI application). For more information see #q17 in the Selenium Nodes FAQ. You can easily export the .epf file through the “File” menu.

(just to confirm: It has nothing to do with the free trial – in fact we want you to be able to fully explore all functionalities during the trial period).

Hope this helps!


Hello @qqilihq

sorry for my confusion when saying by lots I’m still practicing my English, I don’t know what I did, I exported the preference as you said and ran the cmd code without the -preference section and it worked perfectly, I don’t know if it’s ok or not

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No worries, if it works, then great :slight_smile: And if you should encounter the error message above again, just add the -preferences=/path/to/preferences.epf part and you should be fine.



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