Issues with a Table Row to Variable Loop

I am trying to use a loop to obtain the tickets that exceed a certain date depending on the Period but for some reason after the loop is done, some of the dates are picked up and others don’t I wonder if it has something to do with the Variable that is a String and the table has a Date… any thoughts?




Can you share the workflow and example data? From your description, it’s difficult to picture how this is supposed to work, and so troubleshooting is almost impossible.

  • What’s the relationship between the rightmost 2 columns in the last screenshot?
  • Why are you even using a loop?
  • How is the loop constructed?
  • Why not show more of the data? We don’t know what the original data looks like. And in your second screenshot we can’t see the RowIDs, we can’t see any loop iterations, we can’t even see the full column headers.
  • Are you closing the loop? How?
  • Have you explicitly inspected the results of the various iterations after the loop ends?
  • Why are you showing us the output of a Column Filter node?
  • What happens between this Column Filter node and (what I assume is) the Rule Engine node?

Assuming your workflow is arranged vaguely like this (which is a huge assumption):


it seems to me that everything is working the way it should (at least for the data in the screenshots).

On the first iteration, the rule in the first line of the Rule Engine node returns TRUE and you get “Out of SLA”. On the 2nd iteration, rule 1 returns FALSE, rule 2 returns FALSE, and you get the result from rule 3, which is to return “OK”.

But again, it’s hard to tell because you haven’t supplied enough information.


Hi, here is the flow I am working on, the idea is to have a rule that tells me when a ticket was solved after a certain date depending on the period (table with period and date), the reason why I am using a loop is because I want to have an easy way for the user to set up the dates, but if you have a better idea I am open to suggestions.

Ticket SLA check.knwf (244 KB)

Like I guessed in my previous post, the workflow is working exactly the way you set it up to work. Each iteration applies the set of rules using one of the 3 pairs of variables. This is why you start with a certain number of rows and end with 3 times that many.

If that’s not your desired output, then what is?

What I want is to have only 1 row per ticket that tells me if it is out of not of the SLA, as it is, if I make a filter I will not know if the logic is correct or not because 1 row says is “Out of the SLA” and 2 tell me is “Ok” How can I obtain only 1 row instead of 3? I could make a Group by, but I am sure how to set it up to pick the “out of the SLA” comment over “Ok” comment…

It’s still not clear to me what output you’re aiming for.

Your existing workflow takes in multiple pairs of query variables, and so the output must contain results for all pairs.

You can’t just say that you want 1 row for each ticket instead of multiple without giving any details on how you’d like to differentiate between the results from each query. And if you’re just going to throw away results, then why calculate them in the first place?

The way it looks to me, the easy solution is this: if you want the final table to contain the results from a single pair of query variables, then input 1 pair of variables.


Hello @andrea_ramirez,

if i got it right loop just complicates things in your case so let’s avoid it. First you should do a join based on period (use Cell Replacer node) followed with your rules in Rule Engine. Here is modified workflow with above taken into consideration:
Ticket SLA check_ipazin.knwf (342.4 KB)



That is exactly what I needed!, Thank you so much!


Glad to hear that @andrea_ramirez.

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