Issues with creating reports and displaying data source in BIRT


I have issues currently creating a report using Knime. But also to edit or display a data source in the reports. Maybe someone can help.

Let me describe in detail. I am using Knime 3.7.1 and BIRT Version: 4.7.0.v201706222054.

  1. First I try to create a new report using also the “Data to report” node in a Knime workflow. However no Data sets are shown in the Data set view in BIRT. Nor is data source assigned. When I try to add a new data source via the Data>New Data Source menu entries I can select and specify any data source type, but a Knime Data Source. Selecting Knime Data Source will not allow me to push the Next button even though it is shown as acitvated. So the goal would be to have here the possibility to assign data sets probably via defining a Knime data source first.
  2. If I open an existing report (e.g. from the given examples) I see a data set and can add this to the report via the Data set view. However when I try to have a look at the Data Explorer>Data sources and try to edit the data source an error appears: Missing property page implementation in the ODA design ui extension. Reason: An unexpected internal exception occurred. Please see log for detail.
    An unexpected internal exception occurred. Please see log for detail.
    Plug-in Provider:Eclipse BIRT Project
    Plug-in Name:BIRT Designer UI
    Error Code:Error.GUIException.invokedByUnexpectedException
    Error Message:Missing property page implementation in the ODA design ui extension.

So I do not know whether these issues are related, however I have the feeling they do.
Can anyone give me a hint how to solve these and especially the first topic?
Thank you.

Kind regards

Hi dominikN123,

welcome to the KNIME forum.
Would it be possible to provide a minimal example workflow to reproduce the first problem with dummy or public data?



thank you for the quick response.
Please find attached a short example. I used the Austin inspection excel file (from the Knime examples) to reproduce this. With this workflow I cannot create a report.

Blablup_KNIME_project.knwf (440.2 KB)

Included nodes: Excel reader, filter columns, data to report

For the second topic I am using the “Basic Example of Reporting with BIRT”. Which I downloaded and tried to have a look at the data source.



thanks for the example and apologies for the late reply. It seems that the first problem comes from messed up reports. When you look into the workflow with the file explorer (in windows), there seems to be an old report (named, which is some artifact from an earlier workflow version or report created manually from inside KNIME, i assume. I did not find an elegant way to tackle this report from inside of report editing in KNIME. But simple removal of that file solves the problem- after rerunning report the data from the workflow is automatically recognised and loaded into the dataset viewer.
Unfortunately, I’ve never experienced the second type of problem, so help from a more experienced KNIMEr would be needed


Hi Misha,

Thank you for your response.
I was able to create a report by deleting the files.
However I still feel that there is something strange happening associated with the data sources. But it is ok for me, most of the things I wanted to do I could.


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i’m happy to hear that you can proceed with reporting exploration in knime :slight_smile:

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