issues with excel reader

it is a not a cloud service, but a shared drive inside the company network. but according to your explanations i would rather consider an issue with the network connection to be responsible for this phenomenon.

edit: manual execution of excel reader does work occasionally, but not always.

Hi @MB12 , without being able to see your actual setup and configuration, it is difficult to come up with other suggestions.

Both @Daniel_Weikert and @mlauber71 have made suggestions above that you try copying the files locally and then read the local copy using excel reader. I know you do not want to copy the files each time, and to some extent I can understand why but I also think you should try it just to see if you still have the problem. It might not be the long term solution but sometimes you have to try such things in order to see what exactly is causing the problem.

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I copied a subset of the files to the local machine and the workflow is executed without any issues. However, executing the workflow via access to the shared drive also works right now. I think it is highly likely that it has to do with the network connection.

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