Issues writing to BigQuery using DB Writer

Hello fellas!

I have been strugling with writing a table to BigQuery.

The connection has been correctly set up and I am able to query and export all the data necessary. The issue arises when I try to write to BigQuery.

My project name has hyphens that separates the words. When i try to execute the DB Writer node, it returns:

“ERROR DB Writer 0:13 Execute failed: [Simba]BigQueryJDBCDriver Error executing query job. Message: Invalid project ID ‘my_project’. Project IDs must contain 6-63 lowercase letters, digits, or dashes. Some project IDs also include domain name separated by a colon…”

The issue here is the projectID has been correctly setup as my-project. However, whenever the node is executed it formats the text inside database and replaces special characters such as ` , - and " with an _. Thus, it will never be able to find the correct project ID.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue or an workaround this text replacement?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Fillipi,

by default the Big Query Connector replaces non-word characters because they cause problems in table and column names. You can disable this via the Advance tab in the connector node:

Please note that to upload large amounts of data into an existing table I suggest to use the DB Loader node which uses a bulk load API. To create the node before uploading use the DB Table Creator node.



Thanks Tobias! It worked perfectly.

It is much appreciated!


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