Iterate over subset of columns via column list loop

Hi all


I read a csv  and I would like to iterate over subset of columns and do some string manipulation.

The problem is when one includes the whole columns in column list start loop, in string manupulation node we have just column 0 which is bounded to currentcolname flow variable.But as soon as one chooses the subset of columns in included list and exclude sum of them , in string manipulation node in column list part all columns appear with their index like column 0 column 1 ..... which is not correct.

I have attached a pic for you. How can I loop through a subset of columns and for example replace string in them and return correct data?




Dear Kaveh,

at our example server you find the example 011006_loopColumnsManipulateEach which shows you how this can be done. In this example you only need to exchange the math forumula with the string manipulation node to get it running.

Best regards, Iris