Java distance node feature request : more math functions


I have been working on the clustering of protein conformations using Ramachandran angles.

The Java distance node would have been the perfect tool to work with that set ; unfortunately there is only a selected set of math functions available in this node (only abs, max, mean, pow, sqr, sqrt).

In my case, trigonometric functions were needed, but probably most, if not all the mathematical functions available inthe math formula node would be of interest in this java distance node.





Hi Marc,

I put this feature request into our tracking system and will let you know as soon as there is some progress.

Thank you for letting us know :-)


This feature request was raised seven years ago, but doesn’t appear to have been implemented.

I need trig functions in the Java distance node as my work uses spherical co-ordinates on an n-sphere. It is a bit frustrating not to have the opportunity to extend the Java functions available in nodes beyond those that the developer decides are useful - how can a developer know what will be useful or not? Better to leave it for the user to have access to the full Java libraries.

Is there any chance this might get implemented? If not I will need to use something not Knime to do my work.

@DiaAzul have you tried to include such libraries in the Java snippet nodes?

Thanks for the suggestion.

The Java Distance node works in a different way - more like the maths and string expression nodes with pre-defined functions…unless I am missing something. The title of the node is slightly misleading as it implies correlation with the Java Snippet nodes when, in reality, it is less Java and more expression node related.