java graphic nodes stopped working

Hi guys,

I have been using for a long while java scripts for plotting graphs. All of them stopped working at the same time today, december 14th, at about 6 P.M. zulu time. All of them halt with 40% of work done and do not allow anymore to be cancelled or deleted from the workflow. Any idea of what is going wrong?

Hi @JScheidegger,

I’m facing the same issue at the moment and we are investigating. The only thing that helps for me was to restart KNIME (potentially deleting the “.lock” file located in /.metatada/ if doesn’t get deleted automatically). Most of the time, the image generation worked fine, the hiccup was only every now and then.

Are you also on version 4.5? Windows and CEF Browser (File → Preferences → KNIME → JavaScript Views)? Do you have many JS views running in parallel or were they executed one after the other?

As this seems to occur more often when the views are run in parallel, it might help to let them execute one after the other (e.g. by connecting them with flow variables).

Thanks for reporting!
Cheers, Lukas


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