Java IF & merging active and inactive branches

Dear all,

I am using the Java IF switch to redirect my workflow according to the setting of a workflow variable. According to the choice I execute an aditional node in my workflow or not. After this I want to continue the rest of the workflow exactly the same way. As the If switch deactivates and propagates the whole branch that is following how can I merge after my "optional" node the active and inactive branches again together to the same branch and continue the workflow?


I guess one option is to write a file and re-read it again, but I wanted to avoid supplementaryI/O traffic.


thanks in advance for your reply.



Hi Peter,

Maybe I misunderstand your question, but I think you are looking for the End IF node.

Cheers, gabor

Great, have overseen that one...not used to having "programming" stylish If conditions in workflow software ;)


Thanks a lot.