Java IF (Table), how shoud this node be configured?

Hi everybody,


can someone explain the way the  "Java IF (Table) node works".e.g.
when looping over a table with ID col (string) and Property Value (double) how the Java If (table) node should be configured to compute a response vs criteria (e.g. value vs threshold) that route the satisfactory rows to the '1' port while the non satisfactory rows (the '0') are routed to the other one? so basicaly the WF adopts the best behavior based on the live evaluation in the loop.

I am 100% ignorant in java and will try any solutions proposed with the Java If table.

NB: math node as well as rule engine node do the stuff well, I know, but i'd like to do it with the java if (Table) node wink


many thanks.



Hi Bruno,

I believe you are looking for a row splitter which corresponds more to what you want to do. The java IF table is not for the row selection but for the entire table.




I did not think of that one, I'll give it a try and let you know!