When I tried to open my workflow I got this message: 

java.lang.RuntimeException: Exception while accessing file: "/Users/gregoryhall/knime-workspace/Other/H+A_Operational_Report 1/Pull in CFAs (#118)/Join Address (#113)/Joiner (#108)/port_1/": invalid stored block lengths

None of the workflow would load.

My "fix" was to open the folder mentioned and delete that file, and then the workflow loaded with errors, but I was able to re-set the nodes and run the workflow. 

Does anyone have an idea why the above error would occur or what I could do to prevent? I am thinking to create a new workflow and copy the nodes. I have several wrapped metanodes and other metanodes inside of thos; I'm wondering if I need to unwrap them and not have metanodes inside of wrapped metanodes.





This sounds like this problem.