Java not working on MAC OSX


I have a data file with 900,000 rows of data. One column has Age data but if the user did not provide that information it says "Unmatched". I want to convert the column to an integer and nothing is working. So far I have tried:

1. I tried replacing "Unmatched" with null, also with "", using Java Snippet and all I get are question marks as a result. 

2. I tried manually removing "Unmatched" using a text editor and replacing it with "". Then using the String to Number node and all I get are question marks as a result.

2.1. After Step 2, I tried using the Missing Value node to replace blanks with the text "null" and it won't even do that.

2.2. After Step 2, I tried using the rule based row filter to simply filter out the blanks by using MISSING AGE => TRUE, and exclude the TRUEs. The rows still appear in the output of the node. 

I suspect there is some issue with Java in general on MAC OS X El Capitan using KNIME 3.3.1 because I have never seen this using a PC. Basically nothing works.


If I take the first 20 or so rows of data (including the headers) and create a new file with the exact same format, everything works fine. For some odd reason, the longer file headers are acting weird. When I drag and drop the variable "Age" into java snippet, or any other node it shows up with squares between each letter. So $A[]g[]e$ or c_A[]g[]e. But if I copy the same text into this forum it doesn't show the boxes. It also doesn't show the boxes in the variable names, only if I drag them into the code area of a node.

Using the same file with fewer rows does not have this problem.

I guess you are a bit confused about the concept of missing values in KNIME. The question marks you are seeing are missing values. An empty string isn't a missing value, it's an empty string. If you convert your age column using the String to Number node, you will get missing values for all entries that are "Unmatched" and the number as in integer for all others.

Hi thor. The problem was fixed simply by copying the data in excel to a new file. I had this issue again today. The java snippet shows the field names garbled with the boxes in between each letter. This time it was a CSV file.