Java or Python view visualisation on webportal


I’d like to plot a Chart with Python View on the webportal. In order to do it I’d like to write a small script in Python instead of using the standard JS (Plotly) Knimenodes.

When I try to setup the chart in the page-layout, knime can’t recognize the Python View Chart and I suppose it will not be shown on the web Portal. As you see in the examaple, the table view has been recognized in the setup, the plotly Chart hasn’t.

Same Problem if I try to generate an Image and save it as SVG.

What shall I do to let KNIME accept my Python View Chart on the layout setup and visualize it on the Web Portal ?

Does Anyone have an Example of a plotly chart self-made which can be published on the Knime-server?


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Hi Roberto,

You can use a workaround where you convert the plot to a table and display it in a component/on the WebPortal using a second table view. I attached a simple workflow with this workaround.

Hope that helps,
Jeanypython_view_component.knwf (15.1 KB)

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Hi Jeany,

thank you for your suggestion. it works beut the result is an svg image static. Charts of plotly (Java or Python is the same) are interective and you can zoom, select etc. In the knime Core extension there are already Java Plot based on Plotly which work.

Is it possible to reach the same result with the python or Java scricpt Node, Programming the own Plot ?

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Hi Roberto,

Yes, you can use the Generic JavaScript View node to create an interactive composite view in a component. Here is a blog post where this is described: For python you can only create the static image, unfortunately.