Java Script Line Plot not working

Hi ,

I am trying to build a line chart using Java Script Line Plot.While trying to do the same , I am getting error - "Execute failed:knime org/knime/ext/phantomjs/PhantomJS Image generator".

Any help would be appreciated.Thanks

I am not shure what exactly your error is, but one thing you can try. If you don't need the image generated by the view you can disable it by unchecking "Create image at output" in the node dialog. This way PhantomJS would not be invoked.

I would still be interested as to what exactly the error is. If you could provide a sample workflow to reproduce the behaviour, that would be great.



I have the same problem with Bland-Altman Plot and Line Plot. It worked before, but now I have this again and again, unless I don't use the option of creating an image. In this case JS view works fine. The problem appears only in SDK, if I run the same workflow in KNIME, it works fine. 

Could it happen because I am developing my own node with JS view and I have confused IDs or so?

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