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Hi everybody, 

I am someone very new to Knime and do not have any experience in Java.

I am still struggling to work with knime. I have a requirement of comparing cells in two columns in one file and giving an output of TRUE or FALSE in another column.

Attached is the same file.

I am trying to use Jave Snippet (Simple) for this purpose but I am unable to do so.

Something like,

COL A        COLB          COLC(Output)

A                    A                 TRUE

B                    C                 FALSE

C                    B                 FALSE


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!


Hi @mauuuuu5,
For your use case, especially as you mentioned that you are not experienced with Java, I would recommend you to use the Rule Engine node. This gives you an easier interface to perform the desired transformation.

I agree, the rule engine is by far the better option.


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