Java Snippet Question...Maybe??

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I have been racking my brain trying to figure out a solution to this small, albeit important problem - same healthcare data set that I have posted about prior

How can I key one code and pull the data associated with it for a specific member? Basically, I need to know how to isolate all the data associated with a person, on a per member basis, if they have code 29888 and only if they have this code associated with them. This is important because I only want to look at a patient record if they have 29888 as the primary code (which, if it is in the file, it is the primary code). If 29888 is not associated with a patient, I do not want the data.

I have attached a dummy data file, any help with this would be great, and similar to a previous question I posted on the board, my thought is an IF function using the Java Snippet node that using a philosophy such as this, IF 29888 is a listed procedure code, then pull all other data files associated with it. If no 29888, then do not pull any data.

Or maybe an index query?

Thanks a million in advance for any help!

DummyDataForKnime.xlsx (403.5 KB)

You continue to ignore a primary key concept. Your primary key is encounter or payment number. So, filter on the 29888 CPT code your table and join back all the records with the same encounter number.

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Hi there!

Really don’t see why would you want to use Java Snippet node…
In case you are not aware of what is izaychik63 talking I have composed a workflow for you to check it.


2019_02_12_Filtering and joining back to original data set.knwf (412.0 KB)


Thank you, Ivan for an example of joining back. Without primary key utilization ( that is not on file) it can not be considered a solution.