java snippet validation


i have a java snippet node at the end of the workflow and i need to change his code.

Do i need to execute the entire workflow to edit the code?


Usually not, unless it references unknown columns/flow variables.

it is my case :(

In that case you will have to use the more dynamic methods to read the values (node description): getCell(...), getFlowVariable(...). It is a bit more error-prone, but works.

Or create dummies of the right type temporarily (with Table Creators, Eidt Variables and the like), connect the snippet, configure it, reconnect, and then delete the crutches... It's awfull when you have something other than simple types, but it works. Or put something like a Row Sampling early in the flow to reduce the size of the data if that is possible, and run the flow with a minimum set of data.

Should there be a simpler way? Of course! But I haven't seen it yet...