Javascript Interactive views rendering affected by locale under windows?

During the development of Interactive view nodes with SVG, I noticed that my view differs when rendered in development environment compared to KNIME client.

My development environment is Eclipse Mars with the KNIME 3.2.1 target platform set up, running under windows 7 x64 (italian locale) and with IE11 installed.

On the same machine there is also the KNIME 3.2.1 client application.
Both have the org.eclipse.swt.browser.IEVersion VM argument set to 10001.

The workflow here attached has a single Generic Javascript node configured with testing code: its interactive view generates a different output when run in KNIME client compared when run in development environment.

For example, the 'opacity' CSS property is not rendered correctly within the KNIME client, while it works properly within the KNIME instance launched by an eclipse Run configuration.

I discovered that this behaviour is due to the italian locale, which uses for numbers the comma as decimal separator instead of the point.
By changing the locale properties of the operating system to the english locale, the issue disappeared, and the interactive view rendered correctly even in KNIME client.

My guess is that there is a difference between the KNIME client and the eclipse development environment during the the browser component initialization: is there a way in a KNIME node / eclipse plugin to set the locale for the browser component?

Thanks in advance.


  • devenv.png: rendering within development environment
  • knime.png: rendering withing knime client
  • knime_project.knwf: testing workflow with the interactive view


thank you for reporting this issue. We will be having a closer look at it, since this seems to affect quite a few people.

I will let you know, when we have found a solution.




thanks for the very helpful hint to locale settings. We investigated this issue and found a solution.

The problem really relates to a locale and happens only if you have comma as a decimal separator in your system language preferences (the real language does not matter).

This bug is peculiar to Eclipse in general, but there is smth to help here. The solution is (apart from changing your decimal separator) to add the following two lines to knime.ini to its very top:


Mind that it might lead to a problem with HiDPI scaling. We hope to have all of this fixed with the upcoming December release.



Thank you very much for having investigated the issue and having found a solution.
In our interactive view nodes I was able to overcome problems related to SVG properties like stroke-width, but I did not found any fix for the opacity CSS property.

Now, with your solution these issues in our interactive view nodes have been disappeared.

Thanks again!



Hi, it seems that this issue, solved since version 3.3 (if I remember correctly),  is appearing again in 3.4.1.


The issue was never solved because the described workaround has some other undesired side effects.