(JavaScript) Table View: fast OR searching?


I want to use the (JavaScript) Table View in KNIME/KNIME-Server to give the user the possibility to select an item out of e.g. 50000 rows (or even more) with ~6 columns (date, strings, numbers).

If I activate the search options the display takes ~10 seconds before the (complete) display. If I select “lazy loading” the table with full pagination is instantly displayed but no search options (that are also disabled in the configuration).

So, can I have both a fast (initial) display but with search capability? Maybe one could make the search capability lazy loaded after the fast complete display.

Hi @spider,

one option could be separating the search from the table by using a String Widget node as search field and then apply a Row Filter to filter for matching entries and only visualize these rows in a Table View.

The button will trigger a re-execution of the component and reload the page. The Refresh Button widget is available from KNIME 4.4 onwards (CEF needs to be enabled in the JavaScript Views preferences under File → Preferences → KNIME).

I hope this helps.



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