Javascript view unexpectedly blocked by downstream Breakpoint - possible wrapped metanode bug?

Hi All

I wonder if I have found a possible bug in the wrapped metanode functionality as I would expect the Javascript earlier in workflow to execute before the breakpoint node kicks in. see below for further details and an example workflow.

I have set up an IF switch (Flow Variable Value) wrapped metanode with a breakpoint on one arm to stop the workflow if a fail condition is met, while the other arm will allow data to continue on in the workflow. This works fine BUT if I put a Generic Javascript View or Text Output (to warn the user of the fail) on the fail arm upstream of the Breakpoint node in the If Switch workflow the JS view or the text output does not appear.
These appear OK if set up on the Pass arm in the IF switch.
It seems the Breakpoint is preventing the visuals from being produced even if I attempt to delay the workflow sequence getting to the Breakpoint node using a wait node for the variable and/or set up a time delay Loop before the Breakpoint to allow the JS view or text output nodes time to work.

Is this a bug or intentional?
Can anybody suggest a way around this? e.g. an alternative to breakpoint, a way to get the views to appear beforehand or a completely different way to achieve the same thing? Effectively I want to report to users if a fail variable is present in the fail column (zero in this case) and then stop the workflow.

An example workflow with data is attached here Pass-or-fail_Breakpoint_example.knwf (28.9 KB)

Thanks in advance for your help


Hello Jon,

Thank you for your question. Wrapped metanodes only display the view if they are successfully executed. However, the nodes Try (Data Ports) and Catch Errors (Data Ports) in Workflow Control/Error Handling might help you here. If you embed your workflow in a try-catch pattern you can check if execution on the top branch fails. If that is the case, the input from the second port of the catch error node will be forwarded and the second variable outport will contain information about the observed error.

Hope that helps,


Hello Jeany

Thanks for the response and ideas.
I’ll give these a try and come back with any questions plus hopefully how I got it to work.

Thanks again

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