Javasnippet Window in KNIME Web Portal


We have deveolped a little script in a Javasnippet node, that shows up a window waiting for user input. Something like this picture:


The aim is marking different fields for each Lot Number and the output is a little table containing the chosen pairs (lot number, experiment). In the example each row would be:

Muestra 1, SFMS2 SC
Muestra 1, HPLC X17
Muestra 2, SFMCS2 SC

This works fine when running in local, but we would like to execute the Workflow on KNIME Webportal.

The WF runs, but does not show up any window. Is there a way we could approach a solution?

Thank you in advance,


Hi @PrezRio4,

you will have to check out the Generic Java Script View Node if you want to display something similiar to your Java Snippet:

Or you could check if the default widget might cover your requirements.

E.g. the table editor can show user selections:

Most likely not what you want as an answer - but as far as I know your Java Snippet solution will just not work in combination with the web portal