I created a workflow using KNIME GUI. Now, I would like to create an instance of the workflow in an OSGi plugin project using workflowManager. I have some difficulties with loading the project, if the workflow in the project contains database readers or writers.

I set up my encription key supplier with the following code:
final String encryptionKey = “12345678”;
new EncryptionKeySupplier() {
/** {@inheritDoc} */
public String getEncryptionKey() {
return encryptionKey;

The error I get is:
Can’t locate CorePlugin, not an OSGi framework?
WARN Database Reader java.sql.SQLException: javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Given final block not properly padded

Any suggestions how to solve the problem?


Hi Miha,
This exception basically means that the password (in one of the/your nodes) is incorrect. Are you trying to replace the master key using your own static EncryptionKeySupplier? That’s possible, but I don’t understand why one want to do this!?
Best, Thomas