JBDC Driver for Microsoft SQL on Linux

Any suggestions on how to get the JBDC driver for Microsoft SQL sever working on a Linux system

Have KNIME working fine on a microsoft Windows operating system with JBDC driver but fail on a Linux system.

It may be that we haven't got the  files installed on the correct path so that the integratedSecurity=true statement works in the database URL.

On the Microsoft Windows installation we have to use integratedSecurity=true in the database URL if we try to specify user and password in the URL instead the connection fails


Hi pkay,

integratedSecurity=true suggests a "Microsoft only" authentication mechanism. There may be a Linux workaround to that, but I'm not entirely sure which. Having Linux authenticate against the Windows domain is one requirement (I think that's technically feasible), but there's likely to be more to it than that. Not a KNIME issue per se, but of definite interest to the community.