JCHEM manager - different driver.


Is there anyway I would be able to use different driver to connect myself to the database then the one provided in JCHEM MANAGER NODE?

In JCHEM standalone version I have this possibility of choosing custom driver, and in KNIME NOD - JCHEM MANAGER I can not connect to the database with default driver.


What is the different driver?
Could you please let me know what you want is in more detail to solve the issue?

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JCHEM Manager node is using its own driver (You have option to choose which driver You want to use - either for oracle, mysql, ms sql etc), and using his default driver for MS SQL I am unable to connect to the database from KNIME. IN standalone version of JCHEM I can choose different driver so I am able to connect to the database with non - default driver (i am trying to do so without authentication).


I think that you can override the following file with your JDBC driver.

And their package must be 'com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc'.

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Thanks Taka! But actually after restarting my computer suddenly everything is working - without driver overriding. Weird....