JDBC Time vs. duration MySQL treats them

Hi All,
I’m a beginner at Knime Analytics and would like to make some connections with MySQL DB. After I join some of the tables, I receive an error of JDBC Time objects vs MySQL duration behavior and could not solve it.

Can anyone understand the problem and help me with it?

Hi akinak,
i saw your post and will try to provide you with a hint very quickly:

Try to change the mapping to “TIME -> string” (or so) in the DB connector node. This might solve your problem, as the Java time format is incompatible with the output of your database.

Best regards & good luck

Hello linkm,

Thanks for the reply. I’m trying since your answer how to change the mapping. I mean at which tab? Input type mapping or output type mapping?
However both can’t be changed with selections. I’m sure I’m missing some steps.

I solved it with another way, I removed the columns with duration data from DB Joiner nodes. Now I don’t receive the same error message.


Hi there @akinak,

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From error message you can see that it states “748:36:5” is invalid TIME value which really seems invalid. It also suggests to retrieve this column as a string so you can try that. Input Type Mapping is tab you are looking for when reading from database and encountering mapping issues.


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