Jenkins Build Fails after Upgrade to SDK 2020-07

I just upgraded my Eclipse to 2020-09 and my definition to Releases/2020-07. Everything went smoothly except for a dependency on the Apache Commons Collections4.

To fix the upgrade problem, I followed these steps:

  • Opened plugin.xml
  • Navigated to [Dependencies] tab
  • [Add…] org.apache.commons.commons-collections4;bundle-version=“4.4.0”
  • [Remove] org.apache.commons.collections4;bundle-version=“4.1.0”

After that I was able to cleanly compile, develop and debug. BTW - I needed the upgrade so I could “Add Optional Input Ports” to my nodes - it was easy and works great!

Unfortunately, now that I am trying to build the project in Jenkins I’m failing because of the exact opposite issue! I’m getting the error:

ERROR [0004] : No suitable provider for component org.apache.commons.commons-collections4:osgi.bundle/4.4.0 was found in resourceMap

Looks like Jenkins is expecting [org.apache.commons.collections4] while the target definition is expecting [org.apache.commons.commons-collections4].

Can somebody please look into this? Log attached.

Topic 025 LOG Jenkins Build Fails after SDK 2020-07 Upgrade 001.txt (10.3 KB)

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Hi @Edlueze,
I tried reproducing this issue, but on my end, the 2020-07 target platform only contained the org.apache.commons.collections4 4.1.0 bundle. I think you accidentally activated the master branch target platform. There it seems the plugin has gotten a new name, which we will change back to prevent breaking external plugins.


Perfect! Thank you! Glad to see that this was my problem and something I could fix at my end.

You may also consider clarifying this point in your SDK Setup guide on github ( There it says:

“Next, select the initial branch you want to work with (e.g. master)”

Which may misleadingly suggest that ‘master’ is the branch developers should be working from.

Hi @Edlueze,

thank you for letting me know what caused this confusion, I will look into rewording this section of the documentation.

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