this might be a stupid question, but i don't know how to use the BarChart. I am having only two Columns: DateTime and some Values. I would like to have the DateTime on the x-Axis and the y-Axis should be my values. How can I do that?



The Bar Chart is meant to be used if you have a group variable on the x-axis. In your case, you should use a Line Chart instead. If you specifically want a bar chart, you need to create groups for specific time periods first.




thanks for your help, but this isn't working either. Attached is a Screenshots. It always shows an empty table. If I transpose them into row's or use them as column's - doesn’t make any different.


Hey buechertasche,

Attached to this post you will find a workflow that shows how to display data as yours with a Line Chart (JFreeChart). Additionally I included some data that shows you how to use the Bar Chart (JFreeChart).

However, if you want to display your data as a bar chart you can use the JavaScript Bar Chart (included in the workflow as well). This node also lets you adjust the visualization much more. Because it normally aggregates the data it needs a nominal column. That's what the Date Field Extractor and Column Aggregator are for.

For completeness I also threw a JavaScript Line Plot in there.