JFreeChart Bubble Chart: Size of bubbles

Hi all,

I see a very strange behaviour using the bubble chart of JFreeChart (normalise=off) - or I missed something very important about bubble charts. The bubble that refers to Row0 is the smallest although it has the biggest radius. Bubble Row2 is bigger the bubble Row1 although they have the same radius.

Who can help?


This is the table generated by Table Creator node:

ID X Y Z (=R)
Row0 1.0 1.0 100.0


10.0 5.0 30.0
Row2 5.0 10.0 30.0
Row3 10.0 10.0 10.0


Hi Frank,


I'm sorry but this is a bug.We will fix it for the next minor release.

Sorry for the inconveniences....


So far you could use the Size Manager and append the default Scatter Plot. However, it does not have an image output port.

Regards, Iris

Hi Frank,

this is fixed in 2.9.1 which just came out.

Thank you for finding and reporting this.

Regards, Iris

More than 3 years later I am experiencing the exact same problem with KNIME version 3.1.2, but I could track it down to the use of a Color Manager node before the Bubble Chart (JFreeChart).

If there is a Color Manager node and the "Normalize the radius" checkbox is ticked, the resulting radiuses of the bubbles do not make sense since they are not proportional to the R column.

If either the "Normalize the radius" checkbox is ticked off or the Color Manager node is bypassed, everything is back to normal (except that the bubbles are very large in the first case and not colored in the second).

A suitable workaround to still have colors AND a proper visualization of the bubbles is to not use the "Normalize the radius" option and use instead a Math Formula node to "manually" normalize the column that drives the bubble size (R column).

Hoping for a fix any time soon.