JFreeChart Line Chart x axis

Have installed JFreeCHart for its charting nodes and am trying to create a Line Chart. However, my desired x axis (dates mm/dd/yy)  is not available in the x axis drop down.  

Initially I was using the RowID node to convert my dates into row ids this worked with the Knime Line Chart node. However even when I remove this and reset all nodes JFreeChart still doesn't pick up the date column in the data. It is never included in the drop down.

I am using the Interactive table node  in parallel to confirm that the data columns exist and everything is as you would expect.

Such a great tool and managed all the complicated DB connections and failing at this last stage.

Any help gratefully recieved.


Dear Jim,

sorry for the late reply.  You did everything correct, but it is currently not possible to use a date for the x axis  in our jfreechart line chart.  I will add this to our list of feature request.

Best, Iris

Hi Jim,

I am not sure what is required in your last stage of analysis, but -till the node is not changed to support date values- you can take a look at the KNIME Reporting extension and its Chart report item.

You can export the result in various formats, although you cannot feed it back the image to the workflow.

Hope this helps, gabor

Many thanks - this would be a great feature.