Job disappeared from the executor!

Hi all,

We recently deploy a workflow on our server (Knime Server 4.9.1) and schedule it to run at 18:00 each day.
However, after ~14 minutes, the job just disappeared from the executor.

Someone can tell me the reason of this and how to avoid this ?

Cf. server logs

Thanks in advanced,

Thanh Thanh

Hi @tttpham,

It’s not that the job went missing, it seems the whole executor process crashed. Since jobs are kept in memory during execution, currently running jobs disappear in that case. Can you please check the executor’s knime.log file to see if there is any indication why the executor crashed?


Hi @RolandBurger,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve looked into the knime.log of the executor, but found nothing special in fact : just some warning of the executing nodes and after the time of the disappearance, it continues when another scheduled job starts (after ~4 hours)…

Best regards,

Thanh Thanh