Job Manager "test for streaming and distributed processing" missing

Hey Folks,
on my computer at work I’m be able to select the job manager “test for streaming and distributed processing” but on my private computer I can’t. Both Installations are unter Windows 11 and the KNIME-Version on both Systems is 4.7.4.

If I export a Workflow from my computer at work that is using “test for streaming and distributed processsing” in even one node and import it on my private computer so far i got the following error message:

Can’t restore node execution job manager: Unknown job manager factory id “org.knime.testing.streaming.testexecutor.StreamingTestNodeExecutionJobManagerFactory” (job manager factory possibly not installed?)

Has anyone an idea how to solve the problem? Thank you very much.

Greatings, Ingo

Hi @ingo_knime

Just cheking. Is the " KNIME Streaming Execution (Beta)" plugin install in your home computer ?

Maybe worthwhile to check it by dragging and dropping the icon from its web link at the hub:

If you get the above message when dragging & dropping then it is already installed. Otherwise, it should get installed.

Hope it helps.


Hi Ael,

thanks for your answer. Yes, I checked if “KNIME Streaming Execution (Beta)” plugin is already installed and yes it is on both systems. For sure: I don’t want to use “Simple Streaming” like it will be provided by the plugin “KNIME Streaming Execution (Beta)”. The job-manager I am looking for will be called: “test for streaming and distributed processing”.

Well, I don’t know the source and the way i used to go to reinstall the desired job-manager-engine. Maybe it is part of another extension or plugin as well. I hope, somebody other like me used or tested it and remember the source. I know it is a feature under construction, but I like very much.


… this is I want to use:

It will be useable in most nodes and if selected the node icon changed. It get an grey arrow from left to right and a red text “TEST” above the arrow.

2023-06-16 13_42_39-KNIME Analytics Platform

I use the Table-Creator-Node just for example.

Hello @ingo_knime,

if there’s a Test then it might be part of Testing extension :slight_smile: There are couple of extension for testing but my guess would be KNIME Testing Framework UI extension.


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Maybe I can talk some mistakes, but knime have a option for streaming nodes following this steps:

With a workflow openned, fromthe top bar menu, to the last option (right position mark as green):

It opens a windows to set the flow process with the options:


Can it solve for you? the icons will be changed with a sign too. I didn’t test yet, but it goes throw your process desire, not?



Hey Together,

many thanks for your answers!

First I tested the possibility if the desired job-manager will be part of modern-ui. I never used modern-ui, because I am very familiar with Eclipse-IDE. Doesn’t matter, I tested Ipazins suggestion, but … no success. The streming-job-manager won’t be part of modern-ui-package, I think.

Second I try the possible Solution of denisfi. You’re right, I can choose and change between different job-managers as you described. But it is just another way to the same dialog I will reach via the configuration dialog of the node. Only installed / avaiable job-manages can be selected and that’s exactly my problem.

Hey Ivan,

I read your answer once more. You’re right! I missunderstood, I am sorry. Not “KNIME Modern-UI”, but “KNIME Testing Framework UI” and … that’s it!

Thank you very much!

Greatings, Ingo.

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You are welcome Ingo @ingo_knime :slight_smile:

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