Job Scheduling with html report output

I would like to schedule a series of jobs, one of which should produce a birt report in html format.
The scheduling process includes a loop with the run of several workflows in sequence according to the property (execution order).
The problem is mainly related to the automatic creation of the html file of a report (flow L_HTML_DS_Report). It is not possible to call it automatically because the node ‘call remote workflow’ does not have the possibility to create html files.
The bad solution would be to run all the looped streams up to L_HTML_DS_Report, the latter scheduling it ‘manually’ so that it turns after the first ( in the action report drop down in knime server I can select ‘html’" in report action)
Do you have a solution to the problem? I report an image with the organization and the explanation of the various workflows.

Could you use the Call Workflow (Row Based) node instead? This node allows you to fetch the generated report in a format of your choice.
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