Job wasn't loaded: Executor is overloaded or not available

Greetings everyone,

I need your guidance regarding this matter, I’m trying to run a job on the server but i got error as shown below:

I have 3 executors available, but for some reason, only one executor is running the job (active, other are idle) ; the job exaction is not being splitted between the other executors and that might be the reason behind this issue.

Your input would be truly appreciated,

Hi JayR,

Thanks for the post! This is a typical message if the job started does not find within a timeout period - that can be configured - an executor. The reasons might be many. The obvious two are:

  1. the executors are busy with other jobs,
  2. the executor is not properly registered to the server because of a network issue or misconfiguration.

Your description makes me think that you might be fighting with misconfigured executors. In case you did not set any rules/dedication to the executors, they should be taking up jobs in round-robin fashion. Can you confirm that the other two executors are also employed every now&then?
In the case they are idle all the time, I would recommend you checking whether you did not set any dedication to these executors by mistake. For more info please check our docs:

Let me know if any of this helped you.

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