Join columns with variable names

Hello Knimers,

Im trying to create a text structure to look something like this:

"Value A, ‘Value B’, ‘Value C’, ‘Value D’, ‘Value E’,

normally I use string manipulation a via join formula add all the columns, the thing is that the column names that im handling are variable, names are not standard, is there a way like select all columns and rename to standard column names such as Column A, Column B, Column C?

or do you see any other possible solution?

thanks in advance!!

Hi @GQRanalytics , one possibility is to just remove the headers, and Knime will replace them with Column0, Column1, Column2, etc…

You can use the Extract Column Header node to do this:


Thank you!!! it was that simple :slight_smile:

You’re welcome @GQRanalytics

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