Join creates empty data table

Hi, im trying to join two tables one Random Forest Predictor and Decision Tree Predictor via a joiner. I joined over the Row-ID and matching Rows, but it shows “Node Created a empty data Table”. What can i do, so that the Join works?

Hi @Jasminnn , welcome to the KNIME community.

If the joiner is not matching any rows, then it suggests that the specific columns you are using to join don’t have any matching values even though you may think they do.

Can you post some screenshots of the joiner configuration you have used along with screenshots of both the input tables where you can see they have matching row id values.

Thank you i uploaded some screenshots

Hi @Jasminnn , there do not appear to be any Row IDs that are the same in the screenshots, which is why it is not producing any output.

Are you expecting there to be common Row IDs between the two tables?

Oh i thought they were common. How should i configure it to get output?

Try the RowID node to create new Rowids for your tables.


It worked thank you very much!!! Have a nice day!

Hi @Jasminnn , glad it was a straightforward solution, please would you mark @rfeigel 's response as the solution so that people can see this has been resolved.

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Could you please mark it solved.

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