Join creates new columns instead of joining them

Hi there! I don’t seem able to work out how to get join to work properly. I need a full outer join, and join creates duplicates of columns which should be merged. See image below:

In the result, the columns which exist in both tables that I join are duplicated. If I choose “filter duplicates”, there are no contents for property 1&2 for the rows that came from table 2.

What am I doing wrong? Help is greatly appreciated!

Join works properly. If you do not need some columns do not include them in output. Say, exclude 1st table two first columns and resort columns after joining. If you are looking for universal solution when you need to apply some logic, not just join.
See also if
works better for you.

Hi @Reinoud,

Have you selected “property 1” and “property 2” as joining columns? and if yes, check on of the options to remove joining columns. (remove joining columns from bottom/top input)

And if you need to keep them and then merge them, use the Column Merger node to merge the columns.


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