JOIN Large Tables | Time

I am joining (INNER) two large tables (T1=R123,507,250, C14), T2=R120,000,000, C6) to create a new table with C15.
I have a 16 GM ram (memory is set to 16 GB) i7 processor and server space of over 1 TB.
Memory Policy is set to = “Keep only small tables in Memory”

It’s more than 24 hrs and Join operation is at 58%.

I believe this is taking longer than it should. Any suggestion what can I do to improve the duration time.

Thank You!


Look if this node works better for you


Hi there @rkagrawal,

Did you have any success with your join? Joining that many rows will take time for sure… If you are reading this data from database maybe you can try joining there and then importing it to KNIME.


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