join the origin table before executing "image segment features"-node with the resulting table

Hello at all,

i have a table with some data and images. To analyze the images i worked with the following nodes (it is only a

snipped of the whole workflow):

After executing the "image segment features"-node the resulting table has the following structure and content:

Instead of having a Row ID "Row7" like before executing the "image segment features"-node now i have a Row ID with an additional specification for every segment of one picture. Very logical but my problem is that after some more analysis i want to join the old table with the new one. I need the information per image for the segments, too. But i can't join the old Row ID which looks like "Row7" with the new RowID "Row7#1". Also i can't leave one or more column through the execution of this "image segment features"-node, so that i have other column for joining. This node creates a new table and there is no option only to append the new information.

I first thought about adding a new column where i can fill the empty fields with help of regular expressions. Like taking the string of the the Row ID without the "#" and everything after that. Similar to the expression which you need in the "rule based row filter" for example. But i don't know how to realize this idea.

Maybe someome has a better idea.

Thanks for your input!

Hi Tash,

welcome! :-)  If you want to aggregate  information per image (e.g. average feature value per image), then you can use the GroupBy node and set the `Source Labeling` columns as the group identifier. If you want to join, you can also try to join the tables on `Source Labeling`.

If it doesn't work, let me know. I'm sure we can figure something out.


PS: maybe helps, too!

Sorry for the late reply. Your answer helped me a lot!! Thank you very much!! I forgot to respond, but now I'm here regarding another problem and I have noticed that I didn't say thank you...




Thanks for the follow-up Tash. Appreciated :-)

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