Join two database tables


I've got a problem with the join of two individual columns in two db tables.

for example:

id_1 (primary)
fk_1 (foreign)

id_2 (primary)

I want to join the columns fk_1 and id_2. my way was to create two database reader items, the first connect the table-A and the second the table-B. it works. but the joiner does't work in this case.

Has anybody a solution for me?


Hi Boby,

The Joiner node joins two tables based either on the row IDs of both tables or on the row ID of the first table. In your case, the row ID is contained in the second table. Therefore you just need to switch both tables at the input ports to provide the row ID (id_2) at the first input. Now you are able to select any column from the second table (e.g. fk_1) to be joined with the row ID of the first one.

I am sorry, this has nothing to do with the database API.

Regards, Thomas


Is it possilbe to JOIN two tables with the LIKE operator? i.e.:

FROM employee 
LEFT OUTER JOIN department ON employee.DepartmentNAME LIKE '%'+department.DepartmentNAME+'%'