Join two tables based on string columns

Hello all!!

I’m trying to join two tables, based on string columns, but some times there a situation like the one shown below; since it’s not possible to add validations within the join node, hope you can help me get a solution for this, I was thinking on using Credential.Contains(Tag) or Tag.Contains(Credential) as a validation to join both tables, but not sure which node could help me do something like that.

Table A
Name Pet Tag
Haru Cat 593801A

Table B
Location Credential
US 000593801A

Name Pet Tag Location Credential
Haru Cat 593801A US 000593801A

Thanks in advance!

Hello @carlos_amaya

First of all: Welcome to the world of KNIME.

For me the demonstrated example is not clear enough.
I assume that you are talking about the leading “0” in the credential.
If this is your challenge it might help if you spent one intermediate step to eliminate the “0” in this coulum and then apply the join.
To eliminate the leading “0” you may get some ideas from these topics

If this does not help please give more details.


Thank you for your shift response @knimediger, so far this helped me moved forward with my solution!!

Best regards!! :slight_smile:

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