join with a fixed value and an or value

Hello all,

I want to join data together. The first value is a fixed value and must always match, if the second value doesn’t match it should take the third or fourth one

The joiner node has the function “match any of the following”. Unfortunately, no fixed criterion can be set there.


Data set 1

ID (fixed value) join1 join2
100 A B
ID Column1
100 B

Data set 1 is now to be joined with data set 2, the ID is the fixed value. As second value JOIN 1 or JOIN 2 is to be taken.

I hope you understand what I want to do. Last time you have already helped me really well

Hi @torres000 , I’m not entirely sure I fully understand your data, but if I guessed correctly, you can use a combination of the Joiner node and Row Filter node.

With the Joiner node, join the 2 tables on the columns on which they are supposed to match, and with the Row Filter, you just filter on the ID column based on the fixed value that you want.

Hi @torres000 ,
If I understand the problem, the rows must first match on ID, then they match only if Column1 equals join1 OR join2 OR join3 OR joinN, that is “if Column1 is in the array [join1, join2, join3,…]”. If I’m right, maybe this workflow can help you find a solution
KNIME_project2.knwf (29.2 KB)

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