Joiner - deletes first row


I'm using the Joiner node to join two tables. I'm doing a Right Outer Join and am noticing that the resulting table is always missing one row. The first row from the first table. Has anyone else noticed this and if so, is there a way around it?


Hi Liisa,

Can you be more specific? Has the first row from the first table a matching row in the second table and are both "rows" missing? Or are the columns from the first row filled up with missing values, although there is a match? Maybe you can reduce this problem and send me a small workflow so that I can reproduce it.



Hi Thorsten,

The first table is the result of a DB query and contains thousands of rows. The second table contains a few hundred. I am doing a Right Outer Join. So I want all the rows in the second table to be in my output, even when there is no match to a row in the first table. The row that is being deleted is from my second table. It does not have a match in the first table.


We found and fixed the bug, thanks for the small example flow! We are currently discussing, how we get the fixed node out, as this is a quite severe bug.


The bug was fixed in 1.3.5.