Joiner error


I have problems with a Joiner Node which is fed by a correctly loaded File Reader Node and an apparently correct Pivot Table Node, as well. It's configuration also seems to be ok. However, it doesn't work.

I have also downloaded a requested update file and restarted my pc, but nothing.

Can you give me any tip or guidance, please?

Thank you in advance!

The joiner fails for me too. This is all recent. I am using version 2.12.2 because not all the nodes I frequently use work in version 3.x. I dont understand why the table joiner would stop working if I haven't updated....

Any help greatly and urgently appreciated.




If you too could give us little more details about what exactly isn't working (e.g. what kind of table do you want to join, what are the settings, what is the error message, ...), this would help a lot.

Thanks Thor,

Essentially, I have not changed anything to a working workflow but it stopped joining tables. I have 2 tables. One with ~10K rows and another with ~150K rows. The 10K tables has up to 300 columns and the 150K table has 6 columns. I want to simply add all the columns to the 150K row table. It 'appears' to work when I do an inner join but the data are not tranferred.. the cells are empty. If I do a full outer join, the missing data appear but the identifier I have used to link the tables is not present and there are more than 150K rows (looks more like a concatenate opt. in. operation). I have tried to get the workflow working on KNIME 3.1 but I still have the same issue. Something has changed in the joiner node.

There are no error messages. If you need more details please let me know.

Thanks for the prompt response,



What do you mean with "the cells are empty"? Are there no rows or are all rows and columns present but empty? Maybe you can also show a screenshot of the tables and the configuration. We didn't change anything on the joiner which is also supported by your statement that it stopped working without an update. So there must be something wrong with your configuration or data.

Hi Thor,

You are right. It was the data. Initially I had ~100 columns in the 10K table but thought i'd be clever and use column filtering based on data types and this has been the problem. I guess I don't have enough memory to process that many columns in my complex workflow. I have now selected just the columns I need and all seems to be working again.

I really appreciate your prompt responses which have allowed me to get to root cause quickly.