Joiner flipping field values

Hello all,

I have a workflow which has been working fine, but has suddenly decided to start flipping a field round in the output and I have no idea why! The input field is a UK postcode and I’m getting it to join and simply output that same field, but it has swapped it round completely. For example:

XX12 3YY is coming out after the join at 3YY XX12

It’s a simply string and there are no instructions to manipulate that string at all anywhere, so I am at a complete loss as to why it is doing it! Can anyone suggest a reason? Thanks!

:slight_smile: very funny!
Can u share us a piece of your workflow?

I can only really share a screenshot of the workflow due to the nature of the data involvedKnimejoin , but the postcode is fine and as expected after that “remove duplicate” node and then flipped after the right-hand “joiner” node. I have retained address information and the postcode on the bottom input and the other data I need on the top input.

You know what, I knew I would figure it out after a break! Turns out it was the provider who sent the postcodes back to us and it just to happens that the only matches I really had were from that one! I’m just changing it back on the input file and it will hopefully all be well. Oops! Seems it was a simple problem :slight_smile:

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