Joiner getting stuck indefinitely

I am trying to join two fairly large tables (table 1: 3.6 million rows, 112 columns; table 2: 580k rows, 50 columns) and my joins go very quickly until 52% and they don't progress beyond that. I have tried letting it run overnight, but the problem persists. The funny thing is, until a few days ago I frequently performed joins on tables this large or larger with no issue. I doubt my laptop is the problem, as I am running 32 GB RAM with 8 Intel i7 processors and a 1TB SSD drive.

I have already imputed missing values (as I know these can slow down joins in KNIME). I have also cut down the table size by using a reference row filter prior to the join, which usually works like a charm, but is not working in this case.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

What changed from before, when you were able to run such Join properly, to now? Did you upgrade to 3.2? Are the data the same or different?

Any message in the console and/or in the log files giving an hint on what could be going on?