Joiner in V1.3.1

HIi There!

I´m now useing the version 1.3.1 but in my opinion the knode "joiner" dosen´t work.
I only got input 0 as output, there is no processing between input 0 and input 1.

Is this correct?

Best regards M.Golle


Well in principle the node does work. It is hard to judge from your post, what could have gone wrong. Could you be bit more precise? What settings did you configure in the dialog? Based on which columns are you joining (type, rowkey or ordinary columns), what would be the expected output in your case?



Sorry for my unqulificated inquiry. After 16h work I was not realy absent-minded.
My intesion was to join rows not coloums.

---The joiner works absulutly correct.---

Sorry for my misstake and best regards
M. Golle