Joiner node in KNIME

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I am comparing data in two tables using Joiner node in KNIME and get some output. Like Alteryx I want to know how many records are coming from left table and how many records are coming from right table and how many records are matched and unmatched.
Any suggestions how can we achieve this in KNIME?
Thanks in advance:!

Hi @analytics_sharma,

You can use “Full Outer Join” and uncheck the option to remove joining column(s) from top and bottom input tables in the Joiner node then use a Rule Engine and a Pivoting node to count matched and unmatched rows.

Here is an example:
count_(un)matched_joiner.knwf (42.7 KB)



Thanks for the quick reply with the example, I was wondering if we have some 100s of columns in each table . Is this a feasible solution?

You do not need all the columns to find out the number of matching and unmatching rows. You only need the joining column(s).


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